Do you have the link to when VW performed at SiriusXM Studios on March 29, 2013 in New York City?

I don’t think it’s available online but we were able to record that interview/performance! It’s one of the cutest and most fun interviews they did and it’s one of my favorites as well haha. They talked about their college days, being roomies and the dubs’ early days :’) I’m gonna try to upload it!

Do you know anything about CT playing Bluegrass in college?

CT played the mandolin in Lion in the Grass, the bluegrass band that beat Vampire Weekend in that SEAS Battle of the Bands at Columbia University in 2006. You can read more about that here

Hello! Do you happen to know the reason why VW covered Blurred Lines? Is there an interview where they talk about it? I tried to search on google but not much came up :/ awesome blog btw!

They covered Blurred Lines for their BBC Live Lounge appearance (bands always do a cover for that show). They chose that song because Ezra said it was the song of the summer and they were playing/rehearsing it during soundchecks in Europe :)

there was a post about books which Vampire Weekend like and i can't really find it though i used the search option, could you find it for me plz? Thank you :3
So nobody knows what is happening with the unbelievers music video? Like when it will be released? Cuz I'm about a week away from just making my own.

I…. don’t know……..  I really don’t wanna give up on it but……..


Do any of the members of the band speak foreign languages? I would assume that Rostam speaks Persian and Baio probably knows some Russian, but anything else?

Rostam - Persian, French

Baio - some Russian, a little bit of Spanish

Ezra - some French

CT - ancient language of babeliness (as far as we know, he only speaks English)

It appears during ‘Step’ and it’s a version of a wallpaper print called ‘Acanthus’, designed by William Morris (of the English Arts and Crafts Movement) and published in 1875 by Morris & Co.

There’s also another wallpaper print shown during ‘Step’, called ‘Oak Tree’, made by John Henry Dearle in the late 19th century, also for Morris & Co.

Hey, did you hear that YouTube is threatening to remove music videos from indie music labels? (because they won't sign a deal to give YouTube more money) That includes Vampire Weekend, which means all our favorites might disappear...

Yeah I did but I wasn’t able to make a post about it because I was too busy and sick! :(

Anyway for those who missed it:

Independent music labels such as XL, Domino and 4AD were in dispute with YouTube over the launch of a new subscription service. The labels refused to sign the agreement over highly unfavorable licensing terms.

If the labels don’t sign, Youtube would have the right to remove videos from each of the labels’ respective rosters which includes Vampire Weekend (XL), Arctic Monkeys (Domino) and The National (4AD), among others.

To counter the drama, Youtube released a statement (published on Rolling Stone) saying that they will only block content from the unsigned labels in certain countries.

According to a statement, Youtube’s ban will happen “in a matter of days”.


hi! sorry to bother you, but i've been searching on the internet forever for that vampire weekend covers/b-sides/rarities download pack, and all the links i've found have been dead :( do you have any idea where i can find a working download link? thank you so much :-)

Hmm I think I can help you with that and post download links for the stuff you need except for the b-sides (because I might get in trouble for that).

Just let me know and I’ll see if I can do something about it. :)

hi, is there anywhere i can download l'homme run stuff? the link in the master post of ezra's old stuff didn't work ): thanks!
Omg you were there at the Red Hat Amphitheatre too? So was I! I must say THE SHOW WAS AMAZING !!

I didn’t personally attend the show (I was there in spirit!!) but since the Red Hat show was the last venue show for the MVOTC tour in the US, Vampire Weekend and me worked together to arrange a cute lil meet and greet and photo pit access for my friend who has been helping me on the blog! It was really cute because we kept it as a secret and and the band and their people were kind enough to help out with everything. She only found out about it two weeks before the show haha. My friend will be writing about her experience soon heh because it was cute and fun and special :’) #thankyouvampireweekend

I’m glad that you enjoyed the show!! And isn’t it rad that you were at the last US venue show of this era?

woah i didn't finish my last message i'm sorry! do you have a link to the summer nights video in which you made the gifs from? the only one i can find is one that started filming after ezra's bit. thank you!!!

Hello, unfortunately I can’t find the video where those GIFs that I made come from (it was posted by a Josh Groban fansite and I can’t find it anymore smh) but I found this other pretty decent video:

Summer Nights - Gentleman Prefer Broadway Finale

(I enjoyed this song but EK looked bored and uncomfortable oh well)

hey, do you happen to know where i can find a full vid of vw on the artists den? the only thing i can find myself is some sketchy download that's crap quality. great blog btw!

Hi, I have a super HD copy of Live from the Artists Den episode but it’s too huge to be uploaded online (it’s 6GB) and I am still figuring out how to convert it/resize it :(

Meanwhile enjoy this cute screencap of Rostam and EK:


Hi, can you help me find the video of rostam and ezra watching Arthur? I've seen gifs of it but not an actual video. Also if you could help me find the video where ct and ezra say not to go to festivals but to stay home and do drugs.

I had to look for that “Arthur” post on Google because I don’t keep up with stuff on this website anymore but ANYWAY that post/gifset is fake and the gif of Ezra and Rostam comes from an Amex Unstaged promo video where they talk about songwriting.

As for the “don’t go to festivals..” video, here you go:

MTV Canada catches up with Vampire Weekend and others backstage at Osheaga and talk festival friends, survival tips and more

What are your opinions on the few rumors that *shudders* VW won't record any more albums? Maybe I'm just reading around the wrong places. But I was jw if you've heard any of these yourself and your opinions on the thought. Thanks!

I haven’t heard those rumors lol. Anyway no one really knows what could happen but I think you could be following the wrong people haha