Do you know who's opening on their upcoming tour?

Wild Cub is going to open for them at Stubb’s in Austin (April 24 and 25) and at Sloss Furnaces (April 28) in Birmingham. I don’t have any info on the opener in Miami and Atlanta. Jacuzzi Boys will open for them in Miami. I still have no info on the opener in Atlanta. Cults will open for them in all their spring tour dates.

Hi Marice! Sorry if you've been asked this before but have you met all members the band? And if so, what are they like? Love your blog, btw! Thanks :)

Hello! Yes omg I met Vampire Weekend last January of 2013 and it was the best day of my life (◡‿◡✿) I wrote about it here (and it’s kinda long oops). 

EK, CB, CT and RB are absolute babes and they are the nicest people ever. They set up the meet and greet for me and made time in their schedule to meet me ;__; It felt like a dream because it was too good to be true but it happened and I’m forever grateful for it (✿◠‿◠)

Also they made me feel really comfortable!! Baio and CT knew that I was nervous so they kept on talking to me until I warmed up lol. Rostam asked me questions (he said I look really young for my age and he laughed and he looked like an angel). Ezra asked me if I was on Twitter and then he knew my Twitter handles (my personal and the blog’s twitters) and mentioned the last people I tweeted before I met them (it was SO WEIRD!!!! I almost vomited). He also invited me to NYC and told me I should see them perform there so I can write about it lol. CT also waved at me while they were in the van (▰˘◡˘▰)

I’m sorry that this reply is long-winded but anyway I hope you get to meet them too because they are really lovely people.

Do you know if it is more difficult to meet the band at a festival rather than at a venue? I'm going to Governor's Ball in New York in June and I'm really hoping to meet them

Yeah, it’s really difficult to meet them at festivals. :(


By the way, I have created an FAQ page (questions like how to meet the band are on it) and I’ll update it every once in a while (✿◠‿◠) 

hi! do you know if ezra is 5'8" or 5'11" and a half? honestly this is such a huge mystery for me because everywhere i look says something different lol

Hello! Ezra is 5’11 1/2 (I have no idea why people keep on saying he’s 5’8 and it’s dumb af)

Here’s a post on Vampire Weekend’s heights for everybody’s reference

I've seen a song called Boston on some of VW's setlists, do you know what song that is? I assumed its Ladies of Cambridge but I'm not sure

Boston is the original title of Ladies of Cambridge and yes, it’s the same song :) They started calling it Ladies of Cambridge when they released the song as a b-side to Mansard Roof, their first single, in 2007. In the pink CD-R and blue CD-R, the song was listed as Boston.

I heard about the earthquake in chile (so sorry for those affected and I hope you're alright) but I know vw was just there for the festival. do you know if they are still there or affected by it?

Hello! They are currently in Uruguay for Rock n Fall Festival (they just finished playing a while ago) so thank god they aren’t affected by it. I’m praying for everyone in Chile though.

Hi there! So i'm seeing VW at the Lollapalooza here in Argentina but I've been waiting for almost 5 years to meet them (like, literally) and I wanted to know if you know where are they staying at? Because I spoke to the fanclub but they don't know anything about it. I swear I'm crying, I really want to see them and maybe speak to them or take a pic, I'm not a fangirl so I won't stalk them or anything, I just want to meet them. So please, I'm begging you to tell me if you know something. Thanks<3

Hello, I’ve already answered this the other day.

But let me just say it again—- Vampire Weekend are traveling a lot and working hard to bring entertainment to lots of people and it can be super tiring so having personal space is really important. Also, even if I knew where they were staying there is no reason for anyone to ever expect that I would let them know.

Lots of fans have also been waiting for years to meet them so you are not alone, good luck and I hope you enjoy their set at Lollapalooza. :)

How can I find photos/videos of VW playing at corona capital in Mexico last year.
hii, do you know what hotel is vampire weekend staying in argentina for lollapalooza?

Hi, I hope you can eventually meet Vampire Weekend because they are  really nice people but they need personal space too, please don’t forget to respect that.

**This also goes out to the people in Chile who have been sending me messages and asking the same thing

Hi! I am a new fan of VW and I was wondering if you can give me some facts or trivias about them? And also, do you know them personally?

Here are some cute random facts that you would probably appreciate:


  • CT graduated salutatorian in high school. He also got the best grades in college and was a double major (Economics and Music). 
  • He hates weed.
  • He thinks koalas are very cute but they’re also kind of divas.
  • He is not really good at the Internet. He is a bad Google searcher and he was the last bbqt to join Twitter.
  • Aside from sports, he is also into photography. Some of the cameras he owns are: Nikon, LC-A+, Horizon Perfekt, Sprocket Rocket, Sardinia, Diana F+ and Fuji Instax.


  • Baio loves buffalo wings, coffee and the Real Housewives franchise. Bethenny Frankel (of The Real Housewives of NYC) is his favorite.
  • He reads about 40 books a year.
  • He almost got hurt at Falls Festival in Lorne when someone threw a flare at him onstage. (EK and CT joked that someone tried to kill Baio and they were trying to investigate it)
  • He met Louis Tomlinson of One Direction in an elevator in 2012.
  • Breaking Bad was his favorite TV show. They all attended the BB finale screening in Los Angeles and by looking at these pics, you’ll know Baio had a great time.


  • Rostam interned at the Oxford English Dictionary in college and he got to define the word ‘crunk’.
  • His favorite font is “Futura Bold, in ALL CAPS”.
  • He is very talented. Aside from being fluent in multiple instruments, he is also good in visual arts. He also started writing non-fiction two years ago.
  • The first album he purchased is U2’s Achtung Baby and the first concert he attended was Dylan and Tracy Chapman’s show in France.
  • He loves Julian Casablancas. He wrote about Phrazes for the Young in NME’s 100 Great Albums You’ve Never Heard issue.


  • Ezra is not the only member of Vampire Weekend, he’s actually 1/4 of the band!
  • He was suite mates with Baio in college.
  • He wrote a collection of short stories that he put together during his senior year in Columbia called Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
  • He is good friends with Wes Miles (of Ra Ra Riot and Discovery) since they were kids. They have been in fifteen bands together. 
  • He is actually a real person even though people treat him like a living joke and as if his only purpose in life is to entertain them on demand! 


do you know anything about the unbelievers music video? like what its gonna be about and stuff and when will they release it? thasnk!

Here you go:

  • The music video for Unbelievers was filmed eight months ago in Portugal.
  • It was reported that the video is going to be “insane and pious”.
  • These are the things that they needed for the shoot so expect to see: pick-up truck, large gun
  • They were looking for extras who will act in a few “really crazy" sequences. They  needed people who are in their early 20s, under the age of 11, over age 28 and over age 48 (interesting, right)
  • I have no idea when will it be released, but I asked EK about it last December and he said “might not be out for a while !”
Hi Marice! I thought you might have read Ez' tweet about his podcast with Bret Easton Ellis on his twitter... I just wanna say that the 1-hour podcast is awesome - as great as this blog. Keep doing what you do!! Greetings from down under

Hi! I found the podcast kinda boring (oops) because I expected more from it (the things that they’ve talked about were stuff that EK has already explained in old VW interviews so meh) (the only good thing about it is the Oscars thing that I posted on the blog lol). But it’s good to know that you enjoyed it and thanks bb for dropping by! :-**

Sorry for the stupid question, do you pronounce Ezra Koenig?
Hi! I'm Laura, and i'm an italian fan of Vampire Weekend....i don't want to bother you but here's the thing: since 2008 VW did not come over in order to play a gig, even though they've been touring all europe during this lapse of time. The thing is that we don't actually know if the problem is our promoters or VW's management. So since you're a great fan of them, could you help me out to spread the word? started a petition, if it's not of a big deal could you sign and share it?

Hi Laura! Vampire Weekend also performed in Turin in 2010 but I guess that doesn’t count as a proper show. The best thing you could do is to contact the promoters in Italy and tell them that you want to see Vampire Weekend live! Ask your friends to do the same (I think there are lots of Vampire Weekend fans in Italy because I regularly receive messages asking me if they will announce a tour date in your hood so this shouldn’t be difficult). Post on their Facebook pages, tweet them, email them, etc.

They will be playing Reading and Leeds in August so they will be back in Europe around that time so if I were you I would start contacting the promoters as soon as possible. Who knows they might announce European dates soon :) Good luck!

what's with ezra responding as "mushroom"? can you explain this please lol

Ezra and CT took over Mushroom’s FB page last November to promote their Australian shows. You can browse this tag for more info/pics :)